The Wisdom of Wolves

The new bestseller by
Elli H. Radinger

  • Amazing facts about the animal most similar to humans.
  • An incredible insight into the intelligence of one of the most misunderstood species.
  • An inspiring book about the wisdom of wolves and the strength of nature.


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The new book by Elli H. Radinger in English
Date of publication: February 1019

The Wisdom of Wolves. How they think, plan, take care of each other – amazing facts about the animal most similar to humans.

In this unforgettable book, wolf expert and naturalist Elli Radinger draws on her many years of experience among the wolves of Yellowstone National Park to tell us remarkable stories of the wolves she has encountered.

Wolves aren’t wolfish. They can die of broken hearts, show tenderness to their young and elderly, and their packs are led by couples, with the key decisions made by females. They play, they pretend and they predate. They are more complex than we ever knew and more like us than we ever imagined.

You’ll meet Oh-Six, the she-wolf whose bold hunting technique astounded the most experienced biologists, Casanova who succeeded in luring his love away from her pack, and Druid alpha male 21, the magnanimous and compassionate leader.

Ultimately, Radinger shows how much we can learn from these beautiful and mysterious creatures, and how much there is to gain from emulating the wisdom of wolves.


„One of the most intelligent and perceptive books about nature that I know – in my next life I’d like to be a wolf!“ (Peter Wohlleben, Author of „The Hidden Life of Trees“)

Elli Radinger on Talk Show „Van Gils & Gasten“  (Brussels)

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