Elli Radinger`s new release The Gift of the Wild

The Gift of the Wild

The new book by Elli H. Radinger

Freedom, serenity, courage, gratitude – how nature can give us what we need

This book is not yet available in English

The bestselling author on the beauty of nature

Wilderness is deeply rooted in us: it challenges us, strengthens us, calms us and opens our hearts – and it gives us new gifts every day. In this book naturalist and wolf expert Elli H. Radinger tells exciting and enchanting stories which reveal the treasures that wilderness has in store for us: adventure, serenity, amazement, silence, darkness, community, resilience, trust, but also frugality and fear. She takes us on an inspiring journey into nature and to ourselves and shows how the magic of wilderness can change our lives as well as our minds.